Introduction Post for DML Commons


Hello! My name is Katrina Kennett and I’m a second year doctoral student at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I study how teachers incorporate technology into their writing instruction – especially their pedagogical choices and how those choices play out in classroom interactions.

Coming into this design research course, I’m asking questions about what methodologies will help me explore the questions I ask. In my coursework, I’ve taken case study, discourse analysis, and qualitative writing but, at my research site, I find myself uncomfortable with the strictly observer role I have taken so far. It feels so far away from the professional development that I conduct with teachers – in that space I can bring my experiences, questions, and resources to bear in the situation that I can’t in my research site.

So, in an effort to see how I can think about how I work with my participants – and what that would mean and what it might entail – I am excited to join the ongoing discussions around design research. Thanks, and looking forward to the next six weeks!


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