How to make a homemade whiteboard



This whiteboard cost me the can of spraypaint. Everything else I found or had around the house.

2014-09-07 10.24.04


Since I don’t have a classroom whiteboard anymore, I have spent this last year playing “variations on a whiteboard theme.”

My most recent iteration is this portable whiteboard made from a storm window. It is the perfect size to be mobile around my house, and I love writing on it. Plus, the glass cleans easily (even more easily than a ‘real’ whiteboard).


The evolution / thought process: 

At first, I didn’t put anything behind the glass. It was easy to write on but, as you can see, it was difficult to read.

2014-08-20 19.58.54

Sometimes I want to take pictures of my notes and upload them to Evernote, so I needed some sort of backing.

Then, I taped paper to the back, but – since the paper wasn’t as big as the window – there were some odd lines where the pieces came together. Sometimes the paper would bow out and create long shadows behind the writing.

2014-08-24 15.50.37 2014-08-23 17.39.30 2014-08-23 16.36.12









I asked myself if there was something to actually stick to the back – like contact paper. However, unless I found contact paper the height of the window, I would still have the visible lines.

Then, I thought of spray paint. It would provide a consistent matte background, be opaque enough to provide a contrast to the writing, and would be easy to do.


Creating the whiteboard at home: 

If you don’t have a storm window laying around your house, you might check your neighborhood Re-Store, or secondhand house goods shop.

2014-09-07 07.36.402014-09-07 07.41.22   2014-09-07 08.07.31 2014-09-07 07.55.532014-09-07 10.01.47